We go across the aisle and around the world to convene leaders from diverse sectors and industries because we believe the most powerful ideas come to life when nontraditional allies join forces to find common solutions.

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April 30 - May 3, 2017

The Global Conference convenes some of the world's most extraordinary people to explore solutions to today's most pressing challenges in financial markets, industry sectors, health, government and education. Where others see problems, we seek solutions. Learn about Global Conference 2016

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December 6, 2016

Post the UK referendum on EU membership, what does the future hold for Europe? Find out what many of the world’s most prominent opinion makers, executives, investors and philanthropists have to say at our London Summit. One of the Milken Institute’s signature events, the Summit illuminates the forces shaping the times we live in — and the future.

November 13 - 15, 2016

Be a part of medical research's most forward-thinking, outcomes-oriented, and patient-focused event.

October 25, 2016

Despite recent progress in addressing California’s budget imbalances, persistent challenges related to human capital, infrastructure, water and taxes threaten to impede economic growth. To help establish a roadmap to meet them and to ensure economic growth and investment, the Milken Institute’s 2016 California Summit will assemble leaders in business, government, academia and philanthropy for wide-ranging discussions about the state’s future. Our goal is to make sure California’s economy remains vibrant and the state continues to be a nexus of business and innovation.