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We work to improve lives by accelerating medical research and promoting wellness and prevention.


We promote effective financial markets that foster entrepreneurship and economic growth.


We focus on the factors and public policies that drive job creation and increase regional prosperity.


 A new human capital resource is available to the world, courtesy of the demographic shift. Can we–will we–capitalize on that opportunity?

A look at how US regulators faring as they attempt to improve financial oversight.

City leaders commit to creating opportunity for older adults to thrive and to enable them to improve lives for people of all ages as they sign the Milken Institute's Best Cities for Successful Aging Mayor's Pledge

The debut of Alibaba on the NYSE underscores the huge desire for access to the Chinese market and the lack of transparency that continues to make investing there unpredictable. See our op-ed on Marketwatch.

October 28, 2014

What's ahead for Europe and the global economy? Find out what many of the world's most prominent opinion makers, executives, investors and philanthropists had to say. More

October 17, 2014

A discussion of Furman's article, "Inclusive Growth: For Once, Some Good News."  Video

October 14, 2014

Gen. Wes Clark (ret.) identifies a new unifying national strategy for freeing the U.S. from the Middle East's tribulations and enabling it to focus on the rise of China. Video

October 07, 2014

In his new book Vivek Wadhwa has created a place for the voices of women, aiming to motivate and inspire more to join the innovation economy—and better the world.  Video

November 16 - 18, 2014

Be a part of medical research's most forward-thinking, outcomes-oriented, and patient-focused event.
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Healthy Savings: MedTech and the Economic Burden of Disease documents medical technology's impact on the economic burden of disease.

Effective Government and Economic Expansion: How California Is Improving Permitting and Communication to Spur Business identifies efforts to reduce the burden of opening or expanding a business in California.


What consequences does the world’s aging population mean for individuals, communities and countries? Read a book by our President, Paul Irving, on The Upside of Aging

Globalbanking.org is the go-to online resource for trends, data and analysis related to banking systems worldwide. 

Financing projects through the crowd is getting easier. Read our take: Crowdfunding: Maximizing the Promise and Minimizing the Peril.

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