Mike Rea - Future of Health Summit 2018

Mike Rea

CEO, IDEA Pharma

Mike Rea is the CEO of Idea Pharma. Mike was voted one of the Top 10 Innovators in Pharma (PharmaPhorum), 100 Most Inspiring People in Healthcare in 2011, '13, '15 and '16 (PharmaVoice, lifetime Red Jacket winner), Global Power List 100 (Medicine Maker, the 100 most influential people in healthcare, 2017, 2018). He is the creator of the annual Pharmaceutical Innovation Index and an industry expert in Positioning IDEA, which supported over 25% of the 50 fastest growing drugs in the past 5 years, and positioned 4 of the 10 blockbuster launches of 2017. Outside work, Mike owns an independent record label called Medical Records (medicalrecordsltd.com), enjoys advanced and track driving, listens to too much music and plays guitar badly. His only citation on Wikipedia, however, is for establishing the UK college American Football league.

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