Joe Grogan - Future of Health Summit 2018

Joe Grogan

Associate Director, Health Programs, Office of Management and Budget, The White House

Since March 2017, Joe Grogan is Associate Director for Health Program at the Office of Management and Budget, managing the allocation and budgeting of over $1 trillion in federal spending.  He has worked as an executive in private industry, both as a consultant and with leading biopharmaceutical companies, Amgen, Inc. and Gilead Sciences, Inc.  During the Administration of President George W. Bush, he served as both a civil servant and in policy making roles for over 7 years.  Of note, he served as Executive Director of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV and AIDS (PACHA) and as the Special Assistant to Commissioner of FDA.  He is a graduate of William and Mary School of Law and the University at Albany.

Panel Appearances

Future of Health Summit 2018

Finding a Cure for the Cost of Durable Therapies