Joanne Kenen - Future of Health Summit 2018

Joanne Kenen

Executive Editor, Health Care, POLITICO

Joanne Kenen, Executive Editor, Health Care at POLITICO, is a veteran Washington reporter who has covered all aspects of health policy and politics. At POLITICO since 2011, she’s expanded the health policy reporting team in Washington and the states, led public policy forums and recently helped design a year-long multimedia magazine series on public health and the changing demographics of 21st century America. Earlier, she spent more than a decade on Capitol Hill for Reuters, and wrote extensively about aging and end of life care during a Kaiser Family Foundation media fellowship. Her work has appeared in many magazines and newspapers, among them the Atlantic, the Washington Post, Slate, the Center for Public Integrity, Kaiser Health News, the Poynter Institute, and Health Affairs. She has been a commentator on radio and television including NPR, BBC, MSNBC and the PBS NewsHour, and is a frequent public speaker.

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