Jennifer Miller - Future of Health Summit 2018

Jennifer Miller

Founder, Bioethics International; Assistant Professor, Yale School of Medicine

Jennifer E. Miller, PhD, is an Assistant Professor at Yale School of Medicine and Founder of Bioethics International (a nonprofit raising the bar on bioethics and patient-centricity in healthcare) and the Good Pharma Scorecard (an index ranking new drugs and pharmaceutical companies on their ethics performance). Dr. Miller is a member of The World Economic Forum, participating on the Biotechnology Future’s Council. Previously, she was based at NYU School of Medicine, Duke University, and Harvard University, serving on NYU’s Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, Stem Cell Research IRB and Compassionate-Use Advisory Committee. She has served on the CDC Task Force for Pediatric Emergency Mass Critical Care, AMA Advanced Disaster Life Support Education Consortium, as a consultant to the UN Economic and Social Council, and PCORI-NIH Collaboratory working groups on pragmatic clinical trials. Dr. Miller has authored numerous publications, received multiple grants and is a frequent news commentator. Her work explores the ethics, accessibility and use of big data/AI in healthcare.

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Future of Health Summit 2018

Creating a Culture of Biomedical Innovation