David Lynn - Global Conference 2019

David Lynn

CEO, Mission Driven Finance

David Lynn has been working in the financial and philanthropic sectors for over 20 years. He found a way to blend those two worlds in 2016 as the founding CEO of Mission Driven Finance, a private impact investment firm dedicated to building a financial system that ensures good businesses have access to sufficient, affordable capital. Mission Driven Finance manages multiple private funds that provide inclusive commercial financing to small businesses, social enterprises, and nonprofits, all with the goal to close capital gaps that close opportunity gaps. Prior to focusing on impact investing, David specialized in private investment management, including risk management of equity portfolios through derivatives. Most recently, David has been the Investment Manager for the Price Group, a family office and charitable foundation environment, including directly running an actively managed equity derivatives portfolio. With a long dedication to community involvement, David has served in a leadership capacity for a variety of nonprofit and philanthropic initiatives, including San Diego Grantmakers, San Diego Impact Investors Network, Education Synergy Alliance, and San Diego Social Venture Partners.

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Global Conference 2019

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