Brian Van Buren - Future of Health Summit 2018

Brian Van Buren

Living with Alzheimer's

Brian Van Buren is an Alzheimer?s advocate and public speaker, a Board Member of the Western Carolina Chapter of the Alzheimer?s Association, and an Advisory Council Member for the Dementia Action Alliance. He was diagnosed in 2015 with early onset Alzheimer?s. He was also a caretaker for his mother, who died in January from Alzheimer?s. After losing his job as an international flight attendant, Mr. Van Buren reimagined himself as an advocate, giving his voice to Alzheimer?s. Being an Afro American man, he felt he needed to give a face to the disease. He was featured in a video for AARP?s announcement presenting $60 million to fund dementia research. He also feels a need to address marginalized populations such as the LGBTQ community.

Panel Appearances

Future of Health Summit 2018

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