California Policy Summit 2018

California Policy Summit 2018

Will Innovative Financing Solve California's Housing Shortage?

Tuesday, August 7, 2018 / 11:30 am - 12:45 pm

A robust housing supply remains a vital component of any government strategy that aims to successfully invest in human capital, promote economic development and provide social mobility. Despite state action in 2016 to induce new development through a mix of policy regulation and accountability measures, California cities continue to struggle to develop adequate levels of housing for large segments of the population. Lack of adequate financial incentives that support various types of development demanded throughout the state also contribute to the crisis. What can state leaders do to incentivize more housing development at the local level and how do we widen the capital pool for affordable housing projects?

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Opening Remarks

Darrell Steinberg

Mayor, City of Sacramento


Beth Ruyak

Host, Insight with Beth Ruyak, Capital Public Radio


Carla Boragno

Vice President, Site Services, Genentech

David Chiu

Assemblymember, 17th District, California

Laura Foote Clark

Executive Director, YIMBY Action

Steve Hansen

Vice Mayor, City of Sacramento

Bill Witte

Chairman and CEO, Related California

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