Global Conference 2015

Speaker's Biography

Bassim Haidar

CEO, Channel IT Group; CEO, GMT Nigeria Ltd.

Bassim Haidar is co-founder and CEO of GMT Group and chairman and CEO of Channel IT Group, a leading vendor for communications in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, with more than 1,400 employees and a turnover of $1.6 billion per year. Haidar has spearheaded ventures in the technology and telecommunications industries and oversees the business units at Channel IT. In 2013, Channel IT added two businesses: Channel Technologies, a research and development arm, and Channel Power, a company that provides electrical infrastructure products and engineering services for generation, transmission and distribution companies in Nigeria. Channel VAS was created in 2011 as the group expanded into value-added services for the mobile industry. Haidar founded Channel IT in 2003 to provide supplies and services to Nigeria's telecom industry. GMT, the leading procurement, finance and logistics provider in West Africa, was founded in 1995. Haidar attended Beirut University College.


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