Global Conference 2019

Since markets came to a violent halt during the fourth quarter of 2018, and then quickly bounced back, investors continue to wonder if the bull has strength to continue its run. Join some of the most outstanding managers and financiers as they tackle today's pressing questions: How will markets evolve as passive investment continues its rise and technology takes an ever-larger role in decision-making? Have equity markets become dependent on annual stock buybacks that have run up to a record-high $800 billion in the US alone? And how important have socioeconomic issues, specifically around values, become for modern-day capitalism?


Alison Mass

Global Head, Financial and Strategic Investors Group, Goldman Sachs


Mark Attanasio

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Crescent Capital Group LP

Elif Bilgi Zapparoli

Co-Head of Global Capital Markets, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Sir Michael Hintze

Group Executive Chairman and Senior Investment Officer, CQS

Mark Machin

President and CEO, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board

Joseph Naggar

Partner and Head of Structured Products, GoldenTree Asset Management LP

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