Global Conference 2019

Big Tech companies, the darlings of Wall Street for so long, are facing historic headwinds and consumer distrust on Main Street, not to mention Capitol Hill and among regulators in Europe. Under ever greater scrutiny for the data they collect, how they collect it and their models for monetizing it, Big Tech is facing potentially big changes. Does such scrutiny mark an end of an era—or perhaps just a chapter—for the likes of Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and their peers in Silicon Valley? How should tech-savvy but time-limited consumers think about the impacts—positive or otherwise—that Big Tech has on their lives?


Julia Boorstin

Senior Media and Entertainment Correspondent, CNBC


Michael Beckerman

President and CEO, Internet Association

Fadi Chehadé

Chairman, Chehadé & Company

Makan Delrahim

Assistant Attorney General of the Antitrust Division, U.S. Department of Justice

Luke Nosek

Managing Partner, Gigafund

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