Global Conference 2017

Speaker's Biography

Kyle Vogt

CEO and Founder, Cruise Automation

Kyle Vogt is an engineer, entrepreneur, and robotics pioneer who is redefining the future of human transport. In 2013 Vogt founded Cruise Automation, which under his leadership as CEO developed the first self-driving car fleet to be widely tested in San Francisco, was acquired by General Motors, and now has offices and testing in states across the US. Presently, Kyle is guiding Cruise and GM's autonomous vehicles vision for tomorrow. Previously, Kyle was a co-founder at, Socialcam (acquired by Autodesk), and Twitch (acquired by Amazon). A thought leader in the robotics engineering industry, Vogt has been involved in the field since childhood. He built his first self-driving "car" (a power wheels convertible) in middle school, competed in two seasons of BattleBots in high school, and participated in the 2004 DARPA Grand Challenge as an undergrad at MIT. Vogt, a native of Kansas City, studied computer science and electrical engineering at MIT.


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