Global Conference 2017

Speaker's Biography

Sacha Nauta

Finance Correspondent, The Economist

Sacha Nauta is finance correspondent for The Economist. She writes about non-bank finance, including what big institutional investors do with their money, interesting real assets and other alternative ways of investing. Nauta has a weak spot for the insurance sector and a long-term interest in public policy puzzles, particularly health care. She has written about the future of the City of London, how big data is changing insurance (and hospitals) and why infrastructure investing is a good call. She has covered the Greek crisis, as well as the impact of Brexit on European business and finance. Currently, Nauta is based in Amsterdam to examine cross-European trends in finance, economics and business. She is also working on a survey that looks at aging and finance. Previously, Nauta wrote for the International and Europe sections of The Economist. Earlier, she worked at the United Nations in New York and at Her Majesty's Treasury in London. Nauta holds an MA/MSc in history of international relations from the London School of Economics.

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