Global Conference 2017

Speaker's Biography

Alec Russell

Weekend Editor, Financial Times

Alec Russell is the Editor of FT Weekend. He took over in 2016 after three and a half years as news editor, when he was responsible for overseeing the FT's news coverage, overseeing a series of award-winning projects and championing the digital evolution of the newsroom. He was previously comment and analysis editor and world news editor after a long career as a foreign correspondent. Russell has done two stints in Johannesburg, first covering the end of apartheid and Nelson Mandela's presidency, then returning a decade later. He has also been based in Washington and he started his career in the Balkans in the early 90s, covering Romania and the wars in the former Yugoslavia. Before joining the FT, he was at the Daily Telegraph, where as foreign editor he oversaw its coverage of the 9/11 attacks and the Iraq War. Russell has won a series of awards for his journalism and is the author of three books, "Prejudice and Plum Brandy" (1993), "Big Men, Little People: The Leaders Who Defined Africa" (1999), and "After Mandela" (2009).


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