Global Conference 2017

Speaker's Biography

Jeremy Bentley

Head of Financial Institutions and Public Sector, Citi Israel

Jeremy Bentley is a director at Citi Israel, leading client relationships with government entities and financial institutions, supporting business development across a range of services, including corporate and investment banking, cash management and trade finance as well as markets products. Citi is the leading foreign bank to many such entities and is the largest foreign bank in Israel. Jeremy is involved with the Citi Innovation Lab, which focuses on developing mobile, security, risk engines, data intelligence and automated trading solutions. Citi brings worldwide attention to Israel's tech capabilities and entrepreneurial spirit through its Fintech accelerator, which is the first of its kind both in Israel and in Citi across the globe. Jeremy joined Citi in 2005 and has led financial innovation, inclusion and youth entrepreneurship initiatives, among others with the Milken Innovation Center at the Jerusalem Institute and the Koret Foundation.


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