Global Conference 2017

Speaker's Biography

Ethan Brown

Founder and CEO, Beyond Meat

Ethan Brown is the founder & CEO of Beyond Meat, a company dedicated to building meat directly from plants. Ethan gained an appreciation for agriculture and the natural world from his father, a professor, conservationist, and hobby farmer. This interest shaped the direction of his career, where he sought to make a contribution to climate change through the clean energy sector. His early work centered on electricity restructuring in support of an open grid and PEM fuel cell development. Though passionate about clean energy, Ethan became convinced that a change in the origin of the protein - from animals to plants - could simultaneously address human health, climate, natural resource, and animal welfare challenges in a unique and powerful way. In 2009, Ethan founded Beyond Meat. Today, the company sells products in 11,000 stores throughout the U.S., including the Beyond Burger, the first plant-based meat to be sold in the meat aisle at Whole Foods Market. Ethan holds an MBA from Columbia University and an MPP from the University of Maryland.


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