Global Conference 2017

Speaker's Biography

Michael O. Johnson

Chairman and CEO, Herbalife Nutrition

Michael O. Johnson is chairman and CEO of Herbalife Nutrition, which has a mission to change global nutritional habits and provide an opportunity for people to earn extra income. Johnson sets the vision and strategy, is the company's voice to independent Herbalife members in more than 90 countries, and oversees global operations. Under his leadership, net sales have quadrupled to $4.5 billion, and he's introduced leading consumer-protection standards and built a global brand by sponsoring more than 190 teams, athletes and fitness events around the world. Johnson expanded the Herbalife R&D function to more than 300 scientists and Ph.D.s, and strengthened manufacturing through a "seed to feed" strategy of quality standards. He is chairman of the Herbalife Family Foundation, bringing nutrition to more than 100,000 children through 120 global Casa Herbalife programs. Prior to joining Herbalife, Johnson spent 17 years with Walt Disney Co. and was president of Disney International. In June 2017, Johnson will transition to executive chairman.


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