Global Conference 2017

Speaker's Biography

André Street

Founder, Stone Pagamentos and Arpex Capital

André Street founded his first company (Pagafacil) at the age of 15. The company was an early mover in the area of e-commerce payments processing, and was sold in 2004. Subsequently, André and his partner (Eduardo Pontes) started Netcredit and Braspag at the same time. BRASPAG became a leading payment solutions provider in the e-commerce market of Latin America, bought by Cielo in 2011. Netcredit became an important channel of credit to consumers for payments in more than 12 installments in Brazil. Bgn/Cetelem Bank bought the company in 2007. André and Eduardo were early investors in Moip, a payments facilitator, sold to Wirecard Germany. Besides having started payments companies in Brazil, Andre and Eduardo are experienced venture capitalist in the country. André hold the owner/president management (OPM) program degree from Harvard Business School. He serves as board member of several tech companies such as B2W, the largest e-commerce retailer in Brazil and serves as chairman of STONE PAGAMENTOS.


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