Global Conference 2017

Speaker's Biography

David Perdue

U.S. Senator, Georgia

David Perdue is a U.S. senator representing Georgia and is the junior senator from the state. He has more than 40 years of business experience as the former CEO of Reebok Brand and Dollar General, where he worked to create thousands of quality jobs. Perdue's interest in public service was sparked when he realized that Americans today are at risk of being worse off than previous generations. A Republican, he won election to the Senate in 2014 as a political newcomer, promising to fight for term limits for politicians and to help grow the economy, create jobs and tackle national debt. Perdue serves on the Budget, Foreign Relations, Judiciary and Agriculture committees. He is chairman of the Foreign Relations Subcommittee on the State Department and USAID Management as well as the Agriculture Subcommittee on Conservation, Forestry and Natural Resources. Perdue holds a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering and a master's degree in operations research from Georgia Tech, which he earned while working warehouse and construction jobs.

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