Global Conference 2017

Can you and your loved ones live longer, healthier lives? The geroscience revolution is here. From super-agers and longevity genes to telomeres and mitochondria, this panel will explore the pioneering discoveries bringing us closer to "hacking the aging code."

  • What can geroscience teach us about increasing both life span and health span?
  • What game-changing and life-changing research is in the pipeline?
  • How can investors and philanthropists get involved in research that will change life as we know it?
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Francis Collins

Director, National Institutes of Health


Nir Barzilai

Professor of Medicine and Genetics and Director of the Institute for Aging Research, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Elizabeth Blackburn

Nobel Laureate; President, Salk Institute

Pinchas Cohen

Dean, USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology

Joon Yun

Managing Partner and President, Palo Alto Investors, LLC

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