Global Conference 2017

A new social reality in the U.S.: Fewer men and women are participating in the workforce, and many have stopped looking for jobs altogether. The workforce participation rate -- those who have a job or are seeking one -- among males age 25 to 54 is lower than it was at the end of the Great Depression. And participation for women has also fallen in recent years. Questions to be considered:

  • How did we get to this point?
  • What role do higher incarceration rates play?
  • What are the implications for American society?
  • How can we bring these citizens back into the workforce and into our civil society?
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Nicholas Kristof

Columnist, New York Times


Rev. Greg Boyle

Founder and Executive Director, Homeboy Industries

Alan Krueger

Bendheim Professor of Economics and Public Affairs, Princeton University; Former Chairman, White House Council of Economic Advisers

Kris Stadelman

Director, NOVA Workforce Development; Executive Committee Member, California Workforce Association

Cyrus Vance, Jr.

Manhattan District Attorney

Scott Walker

Governor, Wisconsin

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