Global Conference 2017

Innovation is emerging as the essential element of success for any organization, whether a business, government agency or philanthropy. Our panel will examine the tools leaders can use to foster innovation and remain competitive and relevant. The themes and questions our panelists will address are:

  • What can be done to ingrain not only the process of innovation, but the spirit of it -- motivation, curiosity and the hunger for lifelong learning -- into a culture?
  • What are some promising technologies that our panelists are using to promote new ideas and further workforce education?
  • How are leaders addressing constant technologic disruption and empowering workforces to respond to change?
  • How do leaders nurture collaboration; whether inside organizations, across borders, or between organizations?
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Amy Wilkinson

CEO and Founder, Ingenuity; Lecturer, Stanford Graduate School of Business


Navdeep Bains

Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, Government of Canada

Krishna Nathan

Chief Information Officer, S&P Global

Scott Neal

Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales, Gulfstream

Hilton Romanski

Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Cisco

Jeff Wong

Global Chief Innovation Officer, EY

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