Global Conference 2016

Experts agree that meditation is beneficial for overall health. It can calm and "center" us, and even lower our blood pressure. But can daily meditation also spur physiological changes in the brain? Research shows that regular meditation can actually enlarge the area of the brain that governs learning, memory and decision-making, and reduce the part responsible for fear, anxiety and stress. Meet the experts who can prove these benefits and more, from surviving a plane crash to minimizing reliance on mood-altering medication and raising happy kids.


Mallika Chopra

Founder,; Author, "Living with Intent"


Goldie Hawn

Actress; Founder, Hawn Foundation

Sara Lazar

Associate Investigator, Massachusetts General Hospital; Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

Allan Lokos

Founder and Guiding Teacher, Community Meditation Center; Author

Russell Simmons

Entrepreneur, Author, Activist and Philanthropist

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