Global Conference 2016

Clean water, electricity and good health care are among the most basic of human needs, yet about 3 billion people live without them. Philanthropist and entrepreneur Manoj Bhargava, the mastermind behind the 5-Hour Energy drink and founder of Stage 2 Innovations, has devoted his time and substantial wealth to a search for ways to meet the fundamental needs of the world's poor. This session will feature an interactive discussion about Bhargava's quest and will include a demonstration of one of his most innovative creations, Free Electric, a stationary bike that can deliver a day's worth of clean power to a rural household with a single hour of pedaling.


Sheryl WuDunn

Co-Founder, FullSky Capital; Co-Author, "China Wakes" and "A Path Appears"


Manoj Bhargava

Founder and CEO, Stage 2 Innovations and Living Essentials

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