Global Conference 2011

Capital has been flowing toward Asia for several years, as dynamic economies and markets are expected to outperform their counterparts in the developed world. Where's the smart money going? Are bubbles forming in individual markets? Should investors consider bonds in nations where infrastructure spending is fueling growth, such as Indonesia? What are the new patterns of innovation and investment flow? Will protectionism and inflation slow growth? How will the disaster in Japan resonate throughout the broader region? What are the rivalries, opportunities and geopolitical changes sweeping through these nations that might affect the investment environment?


Cecilia Zecha

Programming Director, Forbes Asia


Yoshito Hori

President and Dean, Globis University; Managing Partner, Globis Capital Partners

James McWalters

General Manager, DBS Bank

Nam Sin Ng

Assistant Managing Director, Development, Monetary Authority of Singapore

Vachara Phanchet

Thailand Trade Representative, Office of the Prime Minister

Chin Hwee Tan

Head of Capital Markets Asia, Apollo Management

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