Global Conference 2011

The growth of small and mid-size firms is crucial at this stage of the recovery. Larger firms have been successfully deleveraging and refinancing, but small-scale enterprises and startups are still having difficulties in accessing capital. Bridging these gaps to support entrepreneurship will dramatically increase job growth and community development. How can we insure that smaller firms are not disadvantaged by higher transaction costs? What new capital structures and strategies can be deployed to serve entrepreneurs and investors? What are the links between community development finance and enterprise finance?


Kenneth Lombard

President, Capri Urban Investors LLC; Partner, Capri Capital Partners LLC


Frank Caprio

Managing Director, Chatham Capital

Cathy Dolan

Chief Operating Officer, Opportunity Finance Network

Chris Larsen

CEO and Co-Founder, Prosper

Barry Silbert

Founder and CEO, SecondMarket

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