Global Conference 2011

Venture capitalists seem to be emerging from their shells after a long retreat. Deal volume and size improved late in 2010. Many of the deals were in the later rounds, trying to get firms to the next benchmark. But how has the industry changed in the wake of the Great Recession? Are VCs only investing in later rounds, or are they starting to nibble at more early-stage firms? Is American-style VC and private-equity investing being adopted more widely around the world? How truly global are U.S. VCs becoming, and do they need to put deals together with greater international composition? Which geographies look most appealing? Which investing area is hotter: social or science? Is there too much fixation on finding the next Facebook or Twitter? With energy prices rising again, are alternative energy plays and green technologies looking more attractive? Are there better prospects for biotech investing in regenerative medicine and medical technologies? A group of experienced venture capitalists will share insights and predictions.


Alec Ellison

Vice Chairman and Chairman of Technology Investment Banking, Jefferies & Co. Inc.


Noubar Afeyan

Managing Partner and CEO, Flagship Ventures

William Draper III

General Partner, Draper Richards LP

Terry Matthews

Chairman, Wesley Clover; Chairman, Mitel

Geoff Yang

Founding Partner, Redpoint Ventures

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