Global Conference 2011

Institute chairman Michael Milken moderates our annual look at the state of credit markets, assembling a panel of seasoned investors. Many companies, capitalizing on growing dissatisfaction with low-yielding government debt, are seizing the opportunity to take on debt while it's cheap, leading to robust activity in the corporate bond market. Is too much risk creeping back into holdings? Or will tumultuous events and high oil prices drive a flight to safety? How long will the Fed maintain ultra-low rates? What has been the effect of QE2, and what will be the reaction when the Fed eventually moves to the exits? Will dire predictions about defaults in the muni market come to pass - or conversely, have they actually created some incredible bargains? Will European bondholders be forced to take haircuts in the coming year? Will emerging market corporate bonds assume a greater place in portfolios?


Michael Milken

Chairman, Milken Institute


Joshua Friedman

Co-Founder, Co-Chairman and Co-CEO, Canyon Partners LLC

Carey Lathrop

Head of Global Credit Markets, Citigroup

Steven Tananbaum

Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer, GoldenTree Asset Management

David Warren

CEO and Manager, Brevan Howard Credit Catalysts Master Fund

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