Global Conference 2011

For news junkies who want to follow every development in the global economy in real time, there's never been more information and opinion out there. But is there enough old-fashioned, hard-nosed reporting? The profession was forced to do some soul-searching about how many reporters took their eye off the ball in the prelude to the financial crisis. Has its coverage improved during the aftermath? Can journalists keep up with the ever-increasing complexity of the financial industry? Does today's 24-hour news culture leave any room for longer-term thinking and in-depth follow-up reporting? Are traditional news outlets still our best hope, or is the new, freewheeling world of Twitter and Facebook a welcome addition to how we get our financial news? How will the more traditional financial news outlets evolve? And do they have the necessary resources to compete as well as they used to? We've invited a lineup of acclaimed journalists to size up the state of their own profession in a candid session.


Skip Rimer

Executive Director, Programs and Communications, Milken Institute


John Carney

Senior Editor,'s "NetNet with John Carney"

Liam Kennedy

Editor, Investment & Pensions Europe

Megan McArdle

Business and Economics Editor, The Atlantic

Frank Sesno

Director, School of Media and Public Affairs, The George Washington University; Creator and Host, "Planet Forward"

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