Global Conference 2011

Although the first sovereign wealth fund was established in the 1950s, it was only during the past decade that this investor class dramatically expanded in number of funds, capital, and - most notably - influence and power. In aggregate, the world's sovereign wealth funds control approximately $3.5 trillion in assets. Though all have the same basic objective of maximizing long-term return while taking an acceptable amount of risk, SWFs differ widely in their structures and investment parameters. This panel will focus on the lessons that emerging SWFs are learning from their predecessors. Topics will include whether structural or asset allocation changes should be considered, how SWFs differ from public and corporate pension funds, the extent to which managers should focus on investing in-country versus globally, and what investment criteria today's SWFs are applying.


Patrick Mitchell

Senior Managing Director and Portfolio Manager, Guggenheim


Jerry Burnett

Deputy Commissioner for Treasury, Alaska Department of Revenue

Mark Cutis

Chief Investment Officer, Special Situations, Abu Dhabi Investment Council

Drosten Fisher

Principal, Monitor Group

Garry Hawker

Regional Director, National Funds, Mercer

Karin Lissakers

Director, Revenue Watch Institute

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