Global Conference 2011

Impact investors believe it's possible to solve social or environmental challenges while generating sustainable returns. Long-term investors, in particular, consider such factors as climate change, workforce policies and economic conditions to be an essential part of effective risk management. These impact investors vary in size (from small funds to large institutions), in sector (from private capital to public agencies) and in approach (from exercising ownership to restructuring government funding). But they all recognize that investments can produce benefits or costs beyond the targeted financial returns, and that investors and society alike are better off when investment decisions include these multiple factors.


Betsy Zeidman

Senior Fellow, Milken Institute; Director, Compass Program, Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights


Dave Chen

CEO, Equilibrium Capital Group

Sir Ronald Cohen

Chairman, Bridges Ventures and The Portland Trust; Director, Social Finance

Doris Herrera-Pol

Director and Global Head of Capital Markets, World Bank

Erika Karp

Managing Director, Head of Global Sector Research, UBS Investment Bank

Richard Woo

CEO, The Russell Family Foundation

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