Global Conference 2006

Speaker's Biography

William Lawton

Chairman and Chief Investment Officer, Seagate Global Advisors LLC

William Lawton is the Chairman and Chief Investment Officer for Seagate Global Advisors LLC, an SEC-registered investment advisor focusing on global fixed-income and macro investing, with special expertise in Asia. Seagate was selected by GAIM (the Global Alternative Investment Management forum) as the best-performing fixed-income manager globally in 2004; and according to Barclay Fund Report, it is one of the top 10 global fixed-income and emerging markets managers. Lawton is CEO of a current joint venture between Seagate and China EverBright Ltd., a core holding of the Chinese government. He is also chairman of Govdesk LLC, a bond broker focusing on Asia; and a director of CITIC Funds in Hong Kong. Prior to founding Seagate, Lawton was senior vice president of global fixed income at TWC and, before that, CIO of Nikko Capital Management. He earned a bachelor's degree in economics at the University of California, Berkeley; a master's degree in international economics at the Monterey Institute of International Studies; and an MBA in finance at Columbia University.

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