Associates Breakfast with HRH Prince Radu of Romania

March 24, 2008

Santa Monica


From Romania, it is a short flight to the Middle East, Russia, Asia and other parts of Europe. In some ways, it is the gateway to the rest of the world.

Because of its geographic location, natural resources and pro-West policies, Romania should be a prime investment nation for multi-national companies. But U.S. investors in his country are few.

And that is why His Royal Highness Prince Radu of Romania visted America, which included a stop at the Milken Institute. He is trying to win over U.S. investors, educators, media and policy makers about the potential of his country.

"There is still a huge gap between the western part of Europe and the eastern part," he said in his meeting with Milken Institute Associates. "But we have performed extraordinarily in this part of the world."

Despite the lack of enough modern infrastructure, such as ports and airports, Romania has made great progress, Prince Radu said. Unemployment, for example, is only 4 percent today, and countries such as Italy and Turkey have made many investments in companies in Romania.

Prince Radu is a special representative of the Romanian government. He was joined by several key officials, including Romania's consul general and economic consul, plus a representative of the Romanian Agency for Foreign Investments.