The Business of Aging

Population aging increasingly impacts markets around the world, an opportunity too compelling for businesses to ignore. In this essay series, leaders in aging expose outdated assumptions about longevity, outline solutions to foster an intergenerational workforce, and share strategies to develop relevant products and services.


Silver to Gold: The Business of Aging

A new report from the Center for the Future of Aging looks at the growing economic power of older adults, the underutilized resource of mature workers, advances that can dramatically extend lifespan, health and productivity, and a call to action.

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Paul Irving

Aging Populations: A Blessing for Business

Paul Irving describes the development of a successful longevity strategy as a crucial approach to withstand the grand challenge posed by the aging megatrend of the 21st century.

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Pinchas Cohen, MD

How Universities Drive Innovation in Aging

People coming from institutions of higher education are spurring aging-related advances and providing case studies for how to improve health in the face of longevity. 

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Catherine Collinson

Let's Unlock the Economic Potential of Older Workers

The choice is ours: We can accept the status quo and its host of issues, or we can overcome inertia and modernize our beliefs about aging.

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Chip Conley

Learning the Ropes Later in Life

With millenials excelling at “digital intelligence” but often lacking life experience and “emotional intelligence,” Airbnb’s Chip Conley makes a case for intergenerational learning and the crucial role the “Modern Elder” can play in the workplace.  

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Joseph F. Coughlin

Why Don't Businesses Thrill Older Customers?

The barrier to market success in the longevity economy is not a lack of interest of older consumers but rather that businesses need to develop products that thrill and excite them, argues Joe Coughlin.

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Katy Fike, PhD

The 8 Challenges of Aging

Katy Fike of Aging2.0 outlines the “Grand Challenges,” a global initiative to drive collaboration around the biggest challenges and opportunities in aging.

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Ruth Finkelstein

Multigenerational Workforces Are Productive and Profitable

Ruth Finkelstein argues that a multigenerational workforce that encompasses workers from all ages helps employers address skill shortages.

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Marc Freedman

Experienced Talent Can Power Social Change

Marc Freedman, Founder and CEO of, makes the case for Encore Fellowships as a win for companies and employees reaching retirement age alike. 

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Robert R. Johnson

Solving the Longevity Wealth Crisis

In order to solve the U.S. longevity wealth crisis, Robert R. Johnson’s essay makes a case for a strategy based on investment in the equity market and compound interest rather than on saving money.

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Patricia Milligan

The Mixed Signals Businesses Send Older Workers

Are older workers an asset or a liability? Too often they’re treated as both.

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Peter W. Mullin

Investing in a Longer Life, Lived Well

Peter W. Mullin argues that supporting transformational products, services, and ideas to empower enhanced health and wealth expectancy, longer lives, lived well, will be the new retirement goal for all.

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Philip A. Pizzo, MD

Matching Workplaces to the Needs of Older Workers

Employers should align jobs and benefits to the lives of people 50+.

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Jennifer Pryce

The Giant Market Opportunities Investors Are Overlooking

Jennifer Pryce examines the reasons why impact investors have yet to tap into the opportunities that global aging presents, and outlines three steps to channel capital into potential markets that impeding demographic changes will entail.

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Joan Ruff

Let People Choose How They Age

Longer lives call for changing outdated beliefs about people 50+.

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Andrew Scott

The Longevity Dividend: The Power of 'Old' Money

People are living longer, healthier lives allowing them to work longer, pursue more meaningful endeavors and earn and spend more money. 

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Seth Sternberg

Why Isn't Innovation Booming for Aging Boomers?

Seth Sternberg, CEO of Honor, makes the case for a new approach of developing technology for older people by specifically addressing their real problems and needs rather than assuming that technology and the 65+ generation don’t mix.  

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Joon Yun, MD

The Key to Ultimate Health: Bioresilience

This essay proposes increasing and sustaining bioresilience as a method to achieve low mortality rates, much longer healthy lifespans and, eventually, ultimate health.

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