Asia Summit 2018

Smarter Cities for a Smarter World

Asia Summit 2018

Smarter Cities for a Smarter World

Over the next seven years, smart city technologies around the world are expected to generate over US$2 trillion in market value. From online accommodation platforms and e-hailing apps to home automation and telemedicine, the private sector will play a vital role in providing digital solutions for the cities of tomorrow. This lunch panel will assess the opportunities and risks associated with smart city initiatives and review the latest applications in harnessing technology and data to make cities more sustainable, convenient, and inclusive. What are the building blocks of a "smart city"? Where do Asian metropolises stand in the deployment of digital solutions, and what do they stand to gain? Which industries will be most affected by the smart cities movement? How can companies and governments work together to build a more livable future?




Jonathan Woetzel MGI Director and Senior Partner, Shanghai, McKinsey Global Institute



Hugh Andrew Managing Director and Head of Real Estate Asset Management, BlackRock

Nayef Khalid Al Khalifa CEO, Urban Planning and Development Authority, Kingdom of Bahrain

Robert Rosenstein Chairman and Founder, Agoda

Lauren Sorkin Managing Director, Asia Pacific, 100 Resilient Cities

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