Asia Summit 2018

Of Tweets and Trade: U.S. Outlook

Asia Summit 2018

Of Tweets and Trade: U.S. Outlook

How do we best understand recent economic actions by U.S. President Trump? Trade actions seem to loom against both American adversaries and close allies. Tweets from the White House inform yet complicate our understanding of the President's intentions. This panel of business and political experts will discuss recent economic developments in the United States, and provide an outlook for the coming year. How can we characterize Trump's relationship to China, which he simultaneously admires for its strength and denounces for its economic behavior? To what extent do recent US actions stem from Trump's domestic interests versus broader geopolitical motivations?




Gerard Baker Editor-at-Large, The Wall Street Journal



Christine BN Chin Dean, School of International Service, American University

Carlos Gutierrez Chair, Albright Stonebridge Group; Former U.S. Secretary of Commerce

Gilbert Kaplan Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade, U.S. Department of Commerce

Frank Luntz Founder and President, Luntz Global


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