Bladder Cancer: A Giving Smarter Guide

May 24, 2016
Publisher: Milken Institute

MORE THAN 500,000 PEOPLE in the United States suffer from bladder cancer, and nearly 70,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. Bladder cancer is the fifth most common cancer in the U.S. and the most expensive cancer to treat. The standard of care for bladder cancer has remained unchanged for more than two decades, and therefore treatment options are very limited. In addition, nearly 80 percent of bladder cancers recur after standard first-line treatment, which underscores the limited efficacy of these therapies. Moreover, these treatments often require drastic lifestyle changes that diminish quality of life while falling far short of achieving cure.

The Milken Institute Center for Strategic Philanthropy has developed this Giving Smarter Guide for Bladder Cancer with the express purpose of empowering patients, supporters and stakeholders to make informed, strategic decisions when directing their philanthropic investments and energy into research and development efforts.