Effective Government and Economic Expansion: How California Is Improving Permitting and Communication to Spur Business

Jul 23, 2014

Jason Barrett and Kevin Klowden

Publisher: Milken Institute


As California recovers from the Great Recession, it faces an uphill battle against the perception that it is an anti-business state. Many entrepreneurs balk at what they believe to be a business climate that overtaxes, overregulates, and, when it comes to economic growth, underperforms. Agencies around the state, particularly the Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz), have been tasked with combating this negative reputation and bringing opportunities to California.

This report identifies efforts by GO-Biz and other agencies as well as municipalities around the state to reduce the burden of opening or expanding a business in California. The report also explores successful policies of other states that can serve as models for local officials. We hope this information helps to spur economic development and bring jobs back to California.