Is the New Year Too Happy? The Global Economic and Financial Markets Outlook
Feb 11, 2013
Publisher: Milken Institute

Emerging from years of crisis, the U.S, Europe, China and much of the rest of the world are at economic turning points. aEURoeIs the New Year Too Happy?aEUR? a wide-ranging analysis by Milken Institute Chief Research Officer Ross C. DeVol, forecasts the performance and directions of the global economy in the year ahead and beyond.

DeVol gauges the trends in GDP growth, capital markets and major industries along with the political forces that influence them. In detail, he discusses near-term risks but spotlights the constructive effects of eurozone breakup fears receding and a resumption of buoyant expansion in China. DeVol also examines the impact of U.S. fiscal and monetary policy and brings developments in emerging markets to the forefront.

aEURoeIs the New Year Too Happy?aEUR? provides data-rich, comprehensive insight to aid decisions by corporate leaders, public officials and investors.