Contra Costa County: A Blueprint for Growth

Oct 02, 2012
Publisher: Milken Institute

California's Contra Costa County should be the envy of its peers, with a mature industrial base that generates more than $50 billion in annual sales, and close proximity to the world's most dynamic commercial and technology center -- the San Francisco Bay Area. But Contra Costa's growth has fallen behind its neighbors, with lagging creation of high-paying jobs, contraction in its industrial base, and unbalanced economic growth across the county.

This report from the California Center of the Milken Institute presents a strategic plan for creating more widespread prosperity across the county. It provides a platform to engage county and city development officials and civic leaders, to help them chart a brighter future for the county. The study lays out a broad array of specific strategies for Contra Costa leaders, both public and private, to consider in order to forge a more vibrant, balanced, and sustainable economy. It also includes specific recommendations for the county's largest cities.