China's Emerging Financial Markets: Challenges and Opportunities
Oct 01, 2009

James R. Barth, John A. Tatom and Glenn Yago, Editors

Available from Springer online.

China's rapid economic growth and development is being accompanied by needed reforms in its emerging financial markets. The government's measured approach in developing these markets is creating unusual challenges and opportunities, both domestically and internationally.

This book offers one of the most insightful and up-to-date looks available at the evolving Chinese financial system. It provides alternative perspectives on the system's evolution and its potential contribution to economic growth. The book also discusses financial institutions as well as the bond, equity, and real estate markets, focusing on how government policies are affecting their performance.

"China's Emerging Financial Markets: Challenges and Opportunities" presents an in-depth assessment of important issues ranging from the performance and lending patterns of China's banks to real estate property prices. Significant attention is also paid to the important role that globalization is having on China's exchange rate and monetary policies.

This book is the eighth volume in the Milken Institute Series on Financial Innovation and Economic Growth. It brings together the ideas of 41 widely recognized financial and policy experts. Notably, more than half of the contributors are Chinese - and they share with the reader their advantage of having front-row seats to witness the evolution of China's burgeoning financial markets.

Available from Springer online.