State Technology and Science Index: Enduring Lessons for the Intangible Economy
Jun 01, 2008
Ross DeVol and Anita Charuworn with Soojung Kim

The 2008 State Technology and Science Index ranks the 50 states in terms of their technology and science assets, and their ability to leverage those resources to achieve economic growth. The study offers one of the most comprehensive examinations of state technology and science assets ever compiled.

View the interactive data set and full state rankings here.

The index provides states with a benchmark, monitors their technology progress and can be leveraged to promote economic growth. It provides a valuable framework of measures to guide state policy makers and the public on the realities of their performance in the knowledge-based economy of today.

The index uses 77 indicators in five categories to measure how well a state will perform in a knowledge-based economy. The five composite categories are: :

  • Research and development inputs
  • Risk capital and entrepreneurial infrastructure
  • Human capital investment
  • Technology and science workforce
  • Technology concentration and dynamism

Regional competition has intensified since the last release of the index in 2004. Not only are states competing against each other for human capital and resources, but countries like China and India are raising the stakes to a global level.

The 2008 State Technology and Science Index report was released at the BIO International Convention in San Diego. A companion report covering California's performance in technology and science was also released, which can be found here.

The index was made possible in part through the support of Goodwin Procter LLP.