Koret-Milken Institute Fellows Economic Reform Studies: 2007
Dec 01, 2007
Publisher: Koret Economic Development Funds/Milken Institute

The Koret-Milken Institute Fellows Program provides annual fellowships to exemplary students to serve as economic research assistants and to complete independent economic research on issues impeding small business development, employment expansion and private sector economic growth in Israel.

In 2007, the Research Fellows produced important results-oriented analysis on long-term economic development challenges in Israel. These fellowships have become an integral part in developing local human capital - the skills and talents of young researchers - and in expanding the financial capital necessary for accelerating Israel's growth through policy innovation and program development.

Israel's economic security is challenged by increasing global competition and internal structural adjustments in labor and capital markets. Without a focus on specific problems of economic transition from government- to market-led growth, the window of opportunity for sustaining accelerated growth recently enjoyed could close rapidly as Israel's comparative advantages erode.

This year our Fellows' research clustered around several important themes to address the focus of our education, research and training program's commitment to Israeli economic independence and growth: active labor market policies, economic development targets, environmental and health concerns, and tax simplification.

The Hebrew version of the report is available for download here.