Florida Life Sciences Road Map
Jun 01, 2007

Florida's life sciences industry has the potential to develop a robust innovation pipeline that links universities and research institutions with incubators, intellectual property firms, and venture capital.

The industry has the capacity as well to develop a competitive edge nationally and in foreign markets, due to its well-established mix of sectors. This report serves as a road map, beginning with a general discussion of the components of a vibrant life sciences economy and Florida's strengths and weaknesses.

The Florida life sciences industry comprises service sectors that pertain to health-care delivery and treatment, and knowledge-intensive sectors, which include R&D, biotechnology, drugs and pharmaceuticals, and biotech and medical devices manufacturing.

To stay competitive, these sectors depend increasingly on technological and scientific advances. Yet these advances likely will take place elsewhere unless the state takes immediate steps to bolster its small but growing research infrastructure, and attract and support the necessary human capital: researchers, engineers, and skilled technicians.