Nemours Children's Hospital: Advancing Orlando's Life Science and Economic Development
Feb 01, 2007

The Milken Institute was engaged to conduct an economic impact analysis of the hospital on the region's economy. The report discusses the impact in three phases: construction, early operation, and maturation. It also addresses such issues as employment, wages, and industry output.

Finally, we examine the local need for specialized pediatric services and examine whether Nemours could meet the long-term demands for specialized children's health-care services.

We draw specific comparisons between Orlando and three other metropolitan regions: Pittsburgh, Philadelphia,and Boston. As we will show, these three regions are declining in various aspects, such as population growth;yet they have all continued to invest in specialty pediatric hospitals.

In 2004, for exampled, Children's Hospital Boston purchased the Sterling Medical Center in Waltham, in order to offer greater access to specialty services to residents in outlying areas.

In contrast, Orlando is a region with high expected economic growth, yet it lags behind the benchmarked regions in terms of quality of health-care services. We conclude that the proposed Nemours Children's Hospital would be a social and economic asset to the area.