Economic Benefits of Proposed University of Central Florida College of Medicine
Mar 01, 2006

This study details the economic impact that a proposed medical school at the University of Central Florida would have on the greater Orlando, Florida, region.

The findings show an economic impact of $1.4 billion and the creation of more than 6,000 additional jobs directly attributable to the presence of a college of medicine. With the growth of a related life-science industry, or cluster, the economic impact could eventually approach $6.4 billion and mean the creation of up to 25,000 jobs.

Researchers found that Orlando already possesses many of the characteristics necessary to the formation of a life-science cluster, including a growing population, good quality of life, a well-established, research-based university in the area, community and private-sector support, and infrastructure that will support a large industrial base. In fact, the only factor not present - and it is a crucial one - is a research-based college of medicine that will not only attract top scientists and faculty, but also related life-science businesses from other regions.