Best-Performing Cities: Where America's Jobs Are Created and Sustained
Nov 01, 2004
Ross DeVol and Lorna Wallace, with Armen Bedroussian and Junghoon Ki
Publisher: Milken Institute

The Milken Institute Best-Performing Cities index ranks U.S. metropolitan areas based upon their economic performance and their ability to create, as well as keep, the greatest number of jobs in the nation.

Metros with low business costs and a knowledge-based economy demonstrate that new jobs can be created in America and need not move offshore. This index enables businesses, industry associations, economic development agencies, investors, academics, governments and public policy groups, to assess and monitor recent metro performance.

The Best Performing Cities index is outcomes-based. Its components measure job, wage and salary, and technology growth.

The top 20 Best-Performing Cities among the largest 200 metropolitan areas in the United States rei?,ect an assorted group of communities. A common key attribute among this year's listing is strength in services. A robust recovery in tourism is driving metro job growth in leisure and hospitality services. Growing populations and low U.S. interest rates support employment gains in home construction and related consumer industries; the growing populations of retirees are a catalyst for health care services.

The top large metro on this year's list is Fort Myers, Fla., one of seven Florida metros on the top 20. The top small metro is Missoula, Mont.

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