Agile Energy Systems: Global Lessons from the California Energy Crisis
Oct 01, 2004

Woodrow W. Clark II and Ted K. Bradshaw

Due to the catastrophic energy system failures in California, along with those in the northeastern U.S. and southern Canada, London and Italy, the time has come to proclaim the failure of deregulation, privatization or liberalization and propose a new "agile" energy system.

"Agile Energy Systems: Global Lessons from the California Energy Crisis," by Milken Institute Senior Fellow Woodrow W. Clark II and University of California, Davis Professor Ted K. Bradshaw, is based in today's reality but forward thinking in proposed viable strategies for the energy sector. They examine the chaos currently associated with energy restructuring or de-regulation in California and around the world to help decision-makers understand what happened, and look ahead to a new kind of organizational structure, mechanism and markets for communities, states, and nations that replaces the old vertically integrated regulated utility with an agile system made possible by new technologies and dispersed production.>