Clusters of Creativity
Sep 01, 2002

Rob Koepp

Like the subjects it covers, "Clusters of Creativity" is innovative and original. Popular interpretations of Silicon Valley and the planet's burgeoning locations of "Siliconia" either pile on the hype or are simply dismissive. This book breaks with the confusing orthodoxy to take a refreshing look at the enduring dynamics of innovation and entrepreneurship that power Silicon Valley and its closest foreign equivalent: Europe's Silicon Fen.

The book demystifies how forces conducive to business creativity can be fostered and sustained. Focusing on the motivations and strategies of business and community leaders who help turn revolutionary innovations into commercial realities, "Clusters of Creativity" offers insights on managing innovation and entrepreneurship that are broadly applicable to any region, industry, or organization.

In age where technology continually grows in importance, and where technology and hyperbole frequently go hand-in-hand, the well-founded insights of author Rob Koepp, a Research Fellow at the Institute, are all the more valuable and revealing.

"Clusters of Creativity" is available through John Wiley & Sons.